Listello Tile Trim

Listello tile trims are metal profiles for decorative design of walls and floors. These tiling trims are designed to allow a break in continuous rows of wall/floor tiling and can be used as a horizontal or vertical decoration.With modern design trends of one tile, wall to wall, floor to ceiling, the tiled wall environment can become overbearing. So listello tile trim can markedly change the look and feel of your new tiled space.

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  • U- shaped tile trim that decorates wall coverings and creates shadow line.Also allows fixing of glass panel Shadowline/Glass Panel Profile-2.5m Shadowline/Glass Panel Profile-2.5m F-shaped profile that allows the realization of a decorative joint which can be used as a guide for the fixing of glass panels on floors and walls in shower.

    Shadowline/Glass Panel Profile-2.5m

    This is a  decorative aluminium profile that provides a subtle channel to ceramic tile and stone wall covering,creating a shadow line on walls.It forms a shadow joint/gap in a width of 10 or 12.5mm that allows for creating particularly appealing...

    £11.94 (Inc. VAT)
    £9.95 (Ex. VAT)
  • Flat line listello tile trim is an aluminium decor profile used as a feature between tiles.Used to create a detailed border. Flat Line Listello Tile Trim-2.5m listello tile trim in shower

    Flat Line Listello Tile Trim-2.5m

    This is a flat decorative Aluminium listello tile trim designed to create a feature in ceramic wall tile installations.The flat line listello profile can also be used to separate two floors made of the same and/or different materials.It is inserted...

    £5.98 (Inc. VAT)
    £4.98 (Ex. VAT)
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